Deadwood, SD

The population of Dead Wood is about 1280 people. The “T” intersection at the fairgrounds entrance on the main street is not signalized. But, when ½ million motorcycle enthusiasts show up at neighboring Sturgis for the annual motorcycle rally every August, it becomes impossible for pedestrians to cross the main street or for vehicles to make a left turn into the fairgrounds. OMJC provided a portable traffic control system that included both a pedestrian actuated cross walk and an actuated left turn lane. The through movements were actuated as well. Traffic moved, pedestrians crossed, and everyone got home safe. The SDDOT smiled.

Technology used:

3 Pop-Up-LD trailers with the following options –

  1. one with pedestrian signal and push button
  2. one with video detection on the turn lane
  3. one with a 5 section left turn signal
  4. two with microwave detection on the through movements

1 Pop-Up JR with pedestrian signal and push button


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