Intelligent Transportation Systems are Making Travel Smarter.

Our Port-a-Mast is the right solution if you need a platform for non-intrusive traffic counts or remote surveillance. It provides portability, a steady 25 foot mast, and up to 10,000 watts of battery storage. The Port-a-Mast also has a solar battery charging option. The XL option allows a 35 foot mast and twice the battery storage.


  • Detect crime before damage or theft occurs with event tracking
  • Advanced video analytics
  • Reduce manpower requirements
  • Keep tabs on your subs and workers
  • Monitor assets overnight
  • No internet? No problem! Take advantage of cellular routers with broadband access
  • Viewable on all your devices
  • GPS tracking and monitoring
  • Email and text alerts based upon motion
  • Live 3rd party off-site monitoring available
  • Two-way audio via SIP Protocol
  • Weatherproof IP66/IP68 ratings


OMJC Signal offers two lines of traffic detectors, both based upon Doppler microwave technology. Each of these units are motion detection devices specifically manufactured for the traffic industry. They are robustly formulated for a long and useful life. Our devices are easily installed and aimed; they run on low voltage power at a very low amperage. Solar power is always the thrust of our systems and these units are ideal for direction dependent vehicle detection, request of green phase, or extension of green phase.

The TC26B has an external control panel, with controls setting: range, delay & direction (approach/depart).
The MW334 has a single button interface setting: direction, minimum speed, and maximum idle time.


Standard Port-A-Mast™

  • steady 25-30 ft. mast arm
  • Solar MPPT charge controller
  • AC Inverter
  • Solar and wind power
  • Hydraulic Ram Weight with 4 batteries – 900 lbs.
  • Length when towed – 11.5′
  • Width – 7′
  • Travel Height – 6′
  • Height to top of mast – 25′
  • Up to a 300 watt PV array is an option
  • Manual hydraulic tip-up mast

XL Port-A-Mast™

  • Weight with 4 batteries – 2500 lbs.
  • Length when towed – 14′
  • Width – 6′
  • Travel Height with solar– 9.5′
  • Height to top of mast – 35′
  • Up to a 1100 watt PV array is an option
  • Electric/hydraulic mast

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