Our Pop-Up JR™ is portable and versatile. When storing or transporting, it has a small footprint (see dimensions below) which makes it easy to move. Yet when deployed it is compliant with MUTCD requirements. The Pop-Up JR™ is versatile because it can be equipped to meet many job requirements. A pair of Pop-Up JR’s can be quickly and easily installed to control a single lane closure.* A 4-way intersection can be controlled with as few as 4 JRs* One or more can also be integrated into a network of our Pop-Up™ trailers and used as a support device to control intervening driveways within a work zone.

(*The MUTCD requires two signal faces in each direction of controlled traffic.)


•Readily integrates with our Pop-Up Trailer System
•Radio communications- military grade encryption
•Green time extensions
•Easy set up
•Expansive Capabilities with 2070
•Real time monitoring
•Fixed time, traffic actuated and manual operations options
•No spill, no maintenance AGM batteries


• Vehicle detection
• Pedestrian activation – with pedhead only
• Pilot car remote


General Dimensions:
Weight with batteries: 250 lb.
Size when folded: 31” l x 20” w x 70” t
Size when deployed: 69” l x 64” w x 134” t (96” to the bottom of the signal)

General Specifications:
Display : 12” LED ITE approved signal
Batteries: AGM w/ on-board charger – 7 day autonomy, 10 hour recharge
Lift: Hand cranked winch with brake

Intelight DC 2070 ATC Controller

Our system is based upon Intelight’s™ proven ATC controller equipped with their Maxtime™ software. It is capable of dual ring actuated operation, controlling up to 8 phases with pedestrian movements. All inputs and outputs are mappable, providing maximum flexibility. It has inputs for coordination, vehicle detection and preemption. It has internal TBC and a clock/calendar and can be programmed for up to 20 day plans with multiple events. The malfunction management unit is an EDI CMU-212. It monitors the following functions in real time: Power, Voltage, Conflict, Lack of signal, and 10 others.


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