Lincoln, NE portable traffic signals

Lincoln, NE

The city needed to rebuild a busy intersection. The intersection needed to remain signalized, and the rebuild process required that signals be relocated at various times within the process. The city opted to purchase 4 of our Pop-Up-HD trailers with extra solar and batteries and various other options. They utilized these trailers to provide 8 actuated traffic movements (4 through movements and 4 turn movements in a dual ring configuration) and 1 pedestrian movement (up to 4 are available). They also desired that the intersection be coordinated with their preexisting traffic system. We accommodated them via adding a GPS module that ensured the timing accuracy of the integral Time Based Coordination (TBC) unit in the Intelight controller. Traffic progressed smoothly down the avenue, pedestrians crossed safely, and the intersection was rebuilt. It was all relatively painless, and when it was all over, the city got a portable intersection for use in future jobs.


Technology used:

4 Pop-Up-HD trailers each with the following options:

  1. 750 watt of PV
  2. Over 19KW battery storage
  3. 5 section “doghouse” signal with left turns
  4. Microwave vehicle detector
  5. 2 pedestrian signals with push buttons

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