Since 1985, OMJC Signal has proliferated the idea that it is possible to do more with less. The decades spent by our founder on his family’s Kansas wheat farm led him to understand this better than most. Arlen Yost left that wheat farm with a dream of obtaining an engineering degree from Texas A&M and he pursued it until he achieved that goal. Upon receiving his degree he found himself working in one of the top manufacturers of farming machinery in the world, located in Waterloo, Iowa. Returning to his Midwestern roots felt right and it set him on a path that would become his legacy.


During these early years in Iowa, Arlen developed a relationship with Christ that would become the foundation for the values for which OMJC Signal stands.

  • Our dedication to continuous improvement, of product and of self.
  • The concept of service – being servants to God, to each other, and to our customers.
  • The importance we place on teamwork and the pursuit of agreeable solutions.
  • Our commitment to integrity shines through in our honesty and follow through – what we say, we will do.
  • Mission: because we have been given so much, we want to give back. This is demonstrated in the way we communicate and interact with others and in our service.


When OMJC Signal was officially founded in 1985, “doing more with less” meant providing reconditioned traffic equipment to municipalities with small budgets. Arlen saw a need in communities for safety solutions and was compelled to fill that need with something more attainable than the expensive brand new equipment being offered to them by other manufacturers. So he began collecting and refurbishing discarded equipment and selling it at a discount. In doing so, Arlen developed strong relationships as well as a renewed sense of purpose.


With the onset of the internet, needs began to change and Arlen was quick to adapt in order to better serve his community. For years he had been collaborating on a project to develop a portable traffic solution that was built using a trailer for easy transporting. After hundreds of late nights, several iterations, and hours of product testing, it was finally time to unveil the item that became the first version of the very same product we manufacture today.


Now, more than 30 years later, our dedication to providing safe solutions for traffic work zones is stronger than ever. We provide affordable and sustainable roadway and pedestrian traffic solutions to drive safety and efficiency. (A pair of our Pop-Up™ trailers allows flaggers to be removed from harm’s way and frees them up to fill other work zone roles.)


Seeking to help our customers do more with less, utilizing our core values to guide our service, and innovating new technologies to keep people safe, we are OMJC Signal: portable traffic signals on a mission.