Portable Traffic Signals



The Knock-Down portable traffic light is the ideal emergency replacement plan when a traffic pole is knocked down in an accident at a permanent intersection.

Light Duty


The Light Duty portable traffic signal is perfect for single lane closures and basic intersections. Utilizing our exclusive Intelligent ATC Controller running Maxtime™ software allows it to connect with up to 6 other trailers. The LD comes standard with 300 watts of PV and 800 Ahr of AGM batteries.

Heavy Duty


The Heavy Duty portable traffic signal is the ideal solution for more complex intersections with turn lanes. The HD also utilizes the Intelligent ATC Controller running Maxtime™ software, comes with 500 watts of PV and 800 Ahr of AGM batteries. It can be optionally equipped with even more solar and batter capacity, allowing an array of additional equipment.

OMJC Pop-Up Jr.

Our Pop-Up JR™ is portable and versatile. When storing or transporting, it has a small footprint which makes it easy to move. Yet when deployed it is compliant with MUTCD requirements.


Portable Security & Surveillance

Keeping people safe is an integral part of our mission and our portable surveillance and security options do just that. Illuminate even the darkest streets and parking lots, detect crime before damage or theft occurs, manage traffic congestion, and more.

OMJC Stop Bar Lighting System

OMJC Stop Bar Lighting System

The Stop Bar Light is just what you need to shed some light on your work zone. Providing bright illumination without blinding the motorist, our special lensing ensures the roadway is brightly covered for over 20 feet both in front of and behind the trailer.

portable solar mast trailer

OMJC Port-A-Mast

Our Port-a-Mast is the right solution if you need a platform for non-intrusive traffic counts or remote surveillance. Receive advanced video analytics and monitor assets on your mobile device, even without internet by taking advantage of cellular routers with broadband access. Available in Standard and XL options, we’ve got you covered.

OMJC Signal

Since 1985, OMJC Signal has proliferated the idea that it is possible to do more with less. In 1985 that meant providing reconditioned traffic equipment to municipalities. Today, we are the pioneers of the portable traffic signal industry. A pair of Pop-Up™ trailers will allow flaggers to be removed from harm’s way, and free them to fill other work zone roles. At OMJC Signal, helping you do more with less is not just something we say, it’s our legacy.


With rapid deployment and simple programming, the Pop-Up™ Portable Traffic System removes up to two flagger positions from the work zone, maximizing manpower, reducing liability, and saving money.


The Pop-Up™ exceeds industry standards for portable traffic control devices, using the EDI Conflict Monitor™ (well proven in permanent signal applications). Detected faults are acted upon system-wide within as little as ½ second.


From a simple single lane closure, to an expansive 8 phase intersection the Intelligent 2070 Controller™ provides versatility at your fingertips.